Weeds…Never Ending Weeds

Clover trying to blend in
purslane- the devil!
Weeding keeps me busy. It is a never-ending rite of summer. It's not that I dislike it that much. After all, I refuse to put down mulch, so I'm kind of asking for it. One of the reasons I don't like mulch, landscape fabric or the like, is that I like to reserve my prerogative of being able to change things around. After all, the challenge is to keep color in the garden throughout the growing season. Oh, I have many other reasons to dislike wood mulch: it looks great for a couple days, then if fades and looks like a weathered piece of lumber; it becomes a matted chunk similar to a sheet of osb in the spring, it robs the soil of nutrients; and even molds sometimes. I just don't like dealing with it. If I do mulch, I prefer to put it where I have shrubs or similar plants that don't need to be moved around and to use cedar or natural mulch, rather than the hideous colored stuff, ground from pallets that came in contact with god-knows-what. And don't even get me started on landscape fabric. It's nice to be able to go in with a hoe and just remove weeds from all the gardens, stand back and look at it with great satisfaction. Then start over.

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