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Hi, I'm Jan Day. Welcome to my blog. I don't consider myself a writer, but a thinker. While working outside in the gardens, I often think of ideas or just humorous moments that could be shared, so I will attempt to do that, whether it involves gardening or not. Calf 1967I live in Rewey, Wisconsin and almost always have. A town of 300, famous for it's annual fireworks show, there isn't a whole lot else there. It's one of the few towns that has no state highway. Growing up on a farm, I always preferred being outdoors to being in the house. My 4-H projects included outdoor endeavors like showing cattle, photography, wildflowers, etc., but never gardening. Flowers always interested me, and when I rented my first house, there was an existing perennial garden, so it became hands-on. When I bought my current house, it was mostly lawn, so I converted it to a maze of flower gardens. Sixteen years later, it is still a work in progress and a challenge to keep everything looking as I want. greenhouseIn 2003, a greenhouse lean was added to the garage. I start perennials (and some annuals) from seed on my porch, then grow them on in the greenhouse, finishing them outside so they are hardened off and ready to go. For years I had plant sales in my yard, but have cut back on sales in recent years, as Rewey is not exactly and go-to destination! So, I use what I want, and give away the rest to family and friends. I am an attention deficit gardener...I'm totally interruptible — to run for the camera to capture a scene that catches my eye; answer to the cat, who's caught something and needs a quick "good girl"; or suddenly see something in another garden that needs to be done and  dropping everything to do it, forgetting where I left off! 15-0696swallowtail I am hoping this will be a sort of garden journal and a way to share what's blooming, and the happenings in the gardens. Hope you enjoy! Jan Day

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